Our Partners

Behind every great menu is a great chef, who cooks with only the best ingredients. At Cassandras Cup we pride ourselves in the quality and provenance of our ingredients, so we think it’s important to share some information about our suppliers with our customers.

Sole Butchers of Alresford

Our butcher is a family owned business located in the historical market town of Alresford in the heart Hampshire’s watercress country.  John Sole started his training as a butcher in Selborne, Hampshire in 1960, moving later to Lindford near Bordon. Some years later he moved back again to Selborne to start his own business with his brother. In 1989 Mark, his son joined the family business and they moved back to Lindford to open their own shop. After three years, they sold the shop and moved to Four Marks near Alton, and then in 1994 moved the business to Alresford where they have been serving the local community ever since.  Sole Butchers of Alresford is not only known for their range of quality farmed meat and poultry, but is also well regarded for their range of fresh game. Mark also provides our meat raffle.

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Liberty Wines

Starting with a team of just four, David Gleave MW founded Liberty Wines in 1997 with the support of some top wine producers from Italy and Australia.

His aim was simple and hasn’t changed to this day: “I started this business determined to work with exceptional producers, whatever their size or location, with the belief that with hard work and by being stubbornly quality focused we would deliver the finest wines to our customers.”

Now with a staff of over 160 and a portfolio of over 330 of the most exciting producers in the wine world, importer and wholesaler Liberty Wines continues to offer exceptional value and quality at every level, selling to the on-trade, independent off-trade and the high street.

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Gentlemen Baristas

Despite its relative youth, this coffee house has developed in to a place where people from all over London, from all walks of life, come to meet. Everyone from students to successful entrepreneurs, actors, doctors, and nurses frequent our house.

Since 1698, when the London coffee house cemented itself as the quintessential melting pot of political, philosophical and creative debate, independent businesses have competed to serve the best cup of ‘syrup of soot and essence of old shoes’.

Today, no more will ‘essence of old shoes’ satisfy our discerning palettes, but the vibrant social scene has remained as popular as ever. They opened their doors with the aim to recapture the spirit of coffee houses of old; offering the best coffee and best service we can.

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The Cheese Stall

Dealing directly with producers where possible, located from all over the United Kingdom and Europe. Giving them confidence in quality, consistency and price.

Having this vital communication with small producers also helps them to understand and communicate information to their customers, such as processes involved in production, the regional and cultural differences in techniques of production and the seasonal effects and trends that affect our product.

Their ethos as a company is a simple one… to stock cheese that is traditional to the place of origin, this way we help protect the great history and roots of this fantastic product!

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Fill Ups

Stocking a large range of household, Kitchen and Bathroom products all sold packaging free making this Altons first Zero Waste Shop.

By filling up reusable containers you already have; jam jars, flip top jars, coffee tins, yoghurt pots (the big ones!) Tupperware or zip lock bags, whatever you find most convenient, and buying only the amount you need, your household’s contribution to waste being sent to landfill will be reduced.

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Riverside lifestyle / Bonilla Crisps

A family brand from Spain – produced by three generations of the same family, Formed in 1932 and produced for over 85 years. Known as the premium “healthier crisp” with “THE BEST CRUNCH!” . Using only organic, locally sourced Spanish ingredients – environmental credentials are key.

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